Winter palette frozen

Winter Color Palettes

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Hey, 2016 is already here! Can you believe it? I wanted my first post this year to be a very colorful one, so I decided to show you some color schemes. I had so much stuff to do in December that I kind of postponed the winter color palettes to the beginning of this year. Now it’s the time to show you my winter color scheme proposals so let’s do it.

Winter Colors

For this winter I searched for some nice pics on the same great stock photo online source, Pixabay, and I decided to go on with three images.

The first one is an icy cold Alaskan landscape. It’s the featured image so check it out at the top of the page for the frozen colors.


The second color scheme is based on a colorful Christmas three photo (I know it’s a little late for Christmas colors but they can come in handy for next winter holidays).

Winter palette Christmas

And the third one it’s a classy and elegant color scheme based on a picture with some holly leaves and berries.

Winter palette holly

That’s it for the winter colors. Hope you like them 😉