Wedding Invitations – A few tips on getting perfect wedding invitations

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Wedding Invitation Succulent Plants

So, just as the title says, today I want to share with you some “important things” to know regarding the wedding invitations. Usually the brides get to decide upon the wedding invitation design, and most brides consider the invitation design a key element of the wedding theme. Therefore many brides start to feel stressed when choosing the design for the wedding stationary. My best advice: RELAX and TALK to your designer or event planner.

Tips on how to choose the perfect wedding invitations design

As mentioned before, choosing the perfect design for the invitations on your big day is not easy. So, here are some tips to help you and ease the whole process:

  1. Think about the wedding theme. Take a moment and visualize: how would you like the wedding to be? The style, the location, the look and feel… Find a few words to describe that. These words are your “keywords” for the wedding theme and you should have them written on paper just in case you may forget one of them. Keep these in mind and send them to the designer (if you are planning your own wedding) or to the person in charge with the wedding plan.
  2. Key element. Is there an object, an event or something else that had a role in your relationship? Would like that particular element to be part of your wedding? You can use this for the invitation design or even for the wedding party. It can be anything from the first flowers he offered you, to the location where he proposed you. I guess you understand what I’m saying, but please talk to your partner about this to know his opinion about it.
  3. Choose a main color. You will need a color palette for the event planning but it all starts with the main color. The rest will be colors to match and complement the main color.
  4. Gather a few images with examples (colors, invitation design, party decorations, locations, etc). Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for that, or you can just save them in your computer or phone. You can even print them out an create your own physical mood board. You will use these images just like the keywords from point 1, keep them in mind and send them over to the person in charge with your invitation design.
  5. RELAX and ENJOY! Your wedding day should be about starting your life together with love and happiness. Try to enjoy the best moments of your life and be happy!

I hope these few tips will help you get the perfect wedding invitations.
Just for inspiration here are some of my recent wedding invitation designs that you can also find on my Portfolio page.