Spring Color Palettes

New Spring Color Palettes

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It’s been a while since my last post with color palettes but now I’m coming back full force!  The Spring is here and I love this time of year for all the flowers that blossom and create such a nice view. So, for this year I’ve decided to use three photos with flowers that represent the Spring with all its beauty.

Spring Colors

My first choice is this lovely image with a bird sitting on a blossomed branch. I love this color palette as it feels fresh and happy. I will definitely use this color scheme in a future project.

Next proposal is a more vibrant option. The tulips are considered in many countries the spring flowers as they usually grow and blossom in the spring. The tulips come in so many colors and color combinations that makes it so difficult for me to choose a favorite one.

And the last option is more classy, based on green, yellow and a touch of violet. This is more conservative, and will go well in vintage and classic artwork.